@juliana thanks, I'm bad at pirating but can afford occasional Netflix

@bri_seven @juliana I also like sports, which is why the bulk of my coding projects are sports-related.

@juliana god, okay, fuck, where do I go to watch this, who gets my money

@EmberDev autism

(no really, 'autistic sitting" is a thing. I used to sit *upside-down* on the sofa with the feet up.)

@juliana whichever of the white or black kings I'm not defending


@juliana hm, that's an idea, but I don't think I'd fit through the window

@InternetEh also their constitution apparently repeatedly refers to Her Majesty, which wikipedia talk page people are arguing means that Charles can't be the monarch of Jamaica

@BestGirlGrace they did at the end of one of the later movies, to which Picard says "Well! It's about time."

alt text: I rest my head on the backside of a kitten, who is resting his backside on my shoulder.

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@sky hi, I usually forget but then post it in a follow-up tweet

though then I forgot *again* wtih my last one, hold on

@heccer in Swedish the two genders (of nouns) are "gendered" and "neutral"

"We need to lean on each other when times are tough!"

"Wait, what? How do you lean on each other -- if you're both leaning won't you fall?"

In Soviet Kitten, sense makes you!

@dysfun @kouhai probably our meaning was the original but then because lawyers tend to be rich and also rich people tend to be litigious and like titles...

me: *exists*
society: you're not dudely enough
me: *tries to be dude*
society: that's not very dudely, dude harder
me: *dudes my brains out*
society: dude, you dude like a girl
me: fuck you then I'mma girl now
society: shockedpika.jpg

@dragon I don't need to, I am pretty sure I fail even with a 20 between low natural dex and the penalty from hitting my head a few hours ago

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