Also the "refer a friend" button let me send a text message to myself, tap the resulting link myself, and claim the in-game reward

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Of course, my social media app defaulted to only posting here, and that was my only post on the subject... and it still gave me the in-game reward LOL???

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Hi all this stupid game wants me to tweet about a "" at "defualtUrl" so some programmer made a typo.

Learning Swedish with and learning useful phrases like "Arby's. Vi här köttet."

My older cat wanted extra time with me in bed this morning so I'm there with my phone. 14-year-old kitten.

@Taneb your account is what people colloquially refer to as a "mastodon" account, yes. However, for some reason your tweets are not showing up in my timeline and so I cannot reply to them.

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Unlimited PTO screw employees in two ways

1. With regular PTO, the company owes you money for time off not taken when you leave the company. Not so with unlimited PTO.

2. Multiple studies show peer pressure discourages taking PTO when unlimited versus use it or lose it model.

Logo for new US-based sports league, Major League Bottlecap Hockey. Silhouette by crAIyon, rest of image by me Mastodon (Glitch Edition)

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