on an art appreciation level, I'm completely tired of AI generated art. it all has that same neuroimpressionistic style, where the closer you look at it the less sense it makes.

the best I've seen are all the dall-e mini generations of random pop culture things thrown together, like "soviet realist fursona" or "mr bean trailcam footage."

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but the midjourney output of "beautiful painting of city at night trending on art station" doesn't feel like it's contributing anything to my understanding of art.

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hey so super late but here's my collab with Naineux, featuring vocals from my actual cat Bebo :3


Reports are coming out of the United Kingdom that dissidents are being disappeared by state security forces for protesting the installment of Charles Windsor as supreme spiritual leader of the secretive hermit kingdom in the European far west. Pro-democracy groups are calling for free and fair elections in Britain but has so far been met with nothing but repression from the regime.

Britain-watchers have long seen Mr. Windsor as the hand-picked successor to the previous leader Elizabeth Windsor who died under mysterious circumstances last week and regard him as a hardliner who is unlikely to make any progress towards the transition to democracy. Shops, state media and public spaces are displaying portraits and praises of the previous leader and sources are already reporting the formation of a cult of personality around Mr. Windsor.

Britain remains a nation torn apart by centuries-old ethnic and religious divides. Despite the great wealth of the nation’s oligarchs little progress has been made to alleviate the humanitarian situation since the end of the civil war in the 1990’s.

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