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very mid-forward to my ears, with good bass and decent (but not *great*, imo) highs

they'll do well for what I want them for, at least

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trying the anime IEMs out now, using my steam deck as a glorified MP3 player, and... I have listened to 50 seconds of one song and I'm already incredibly impressed with them

probably not the best sounding IEMs I have? but for $50 IEMs they're quite good, and the subwoofer in them definitely does its job pretty well

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testing IEMs is difficult, actually, when you don't have anything with a 3.5mm jack on it

my amp has a 1/4" jack and an XLR4 jack, and my phone is an iphone, and the DAC I ordered for it is still somewhere between Singapore and Canada according to Canada Post

I'm gonna need to log into Plex on my steam deck, I think

Virgo is gonna live on top of my desktop for now, because I have nowhere else to put her

Not exactly the sort of thing I would normally decorate with but it’s not like anyone’s ever here other than me

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Got myself some anime IEMs

And the acrylic figure thing I added onto the order not knowing what was

@ariadne your blog post yesterday got me wanting to play around with k8s... you know any good resources I could look at to get started? feeling pretty inspired by your whole setup tbh

I would have been sold immediately if it was guaranteed to ship a week or two earlier though... it's gonna get to me right after I get back from CircleCityCon, and I'd love to have it for that

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I don't do very much travelling other than staying at my father's house, but even just for that I'm gonna get my use out of it. it's gigantic, so it'll hold everything I actually want to take with me anywhere, and I trust Linus's assessment of how durable it's gonna be, so it'll last me forever

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welp I just ordered the LTT backpack

I thought it was way too expensive (and tbh I still sorta do) but... started Linus's shortcircuit video on it, and basically immediately realized that yeah it's probably worth it

new update on PTB seems to have broken many of my BetterDiscord plugins... using Discord on PC without BetterDiscord just feels so wrong now ;~;

contextless demize quote from a work chat: "why does software have to be so weird?"

actually no, my favorite MS Teams feature is one they seem to have introduced today... turning it into a time machine

whenever I see an emoji in Teams now, it's like I'm transported back to grade 6 and I'm using MSN Messenger again

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my favorite MS Teams feature is the mobile notification it sends me saying "you have notifications" that *actually* means "your company's terrible conditional access policies have left me confused"

it only ever comes through when I do not, in fact, have any notifications... but when I do need to go through the daily MFA prompt again

gmail has DONE IT AGAIN except this time it's even more obvious

they changed the highlight color

it's now blue, rather than... red? green? idk what it was before but it wasn't this

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(Feel a little bad about this joke, like I’m making fun of a design that doesn’t deserve the flak, but oh well)

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Ah yes, because a tried-and-true design that clearly invokes the ancient pyramids is the best choice for your “innovation campus”.

(That guy is not here right now, but I’m sure he’ll be back, he’s almost *always* there)

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There is a guy on Queen St standing on a soapbox, dressed like a wizard, wearing a big fake grey beard, and playing a guitar cover of Highway to Hell

On the next corner, there’s a freestyle rapper

What a nice change of pace, compared to the guy standing outside McDonald’s eating his microphone and talking about Jesus

and I can’t even identify anything particularly special about it, that’s the weird part

It’s not something I’d necessarily recommend, because I don’t know what makes it stand out? but clearly I like it

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presently rewatching the 3 episodes that have come out so far, which I never do

there are shows I love that I haven't watched second seasons of because I can't rewatch the first! and I literally JUST watched these!

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