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it can read all my implants! can't do much with the magic mifare classic or the spark, and it can't write the HF side of my NExT, but it can write the LF side

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As ineffective as VFCs can be… when it’s not very warm outside, mine does a fantastic job keeping it cool, in here. Better than my portable.

It’s cold enough in here that, uh, I need to go out on a sweater now. (Which is good! I sleep best around this temperature)

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Building’s AC was turned on yesterday and god, even though I didn’t get enough sleep (4:30 is an awful bedtime), that was the best sleep I’ve had in a while

so, today's weird thing: Canada Post has this "automatic tracking" feature now, where you can validate your identity/address and the app will let you know when you have packages coming

it just notified me to two packages from the US being shipped. I can't remember having ordered anything, let alone two anythings, and there's currently no information on Canada Post or USPS's side saying who it's from, nor any emails saying something shipped to me

what a fun mystery

approving trends is weird; they just sort of show up in the settings page? and I have to occasionally check it to see if there are new ones to approve?

wish I could get notifications or something for them, even if I am currently the only active user on this instance (I think)

heh, is trending for the second time since I set up this instance, may as well contribute

hi! I'm demize! my name should basically always be lowercase.
I run the instance (and am happy to invite you if I know you)!
I stream Mario Maker on Twitch (when I'm feeling up to it, brain is often bad)! I also wrote a bot to handle links in chat, since nothing else does it well.
I do infosec stuff, SOC/IR work, as my day job (with a weird schedule).

nice to meet y'all!

okay, I've seen media tweets come in fine with the gallery, sidekiq isn't showing any retries... looks like my new rule is good, despite "REJECT" apparently meaning "DROP" today

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(though I'm not sure how to check that until someone posts something to my timeline with media in it)

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like sure dropping them is fine too but I'm confused? I don't think anything's broken this time though... shouldn't have the media cache issue, at least, since I'm very specifically blocking ports

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hmm I seem to have written an iptables rule that blocks direct access to my docker services, but... it isn't rejecting the packets like I told it to?

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Obviously, the main shortcoming of the Scratch development ecosystem is the lack of a robust cryptography library.

Until now!

Here's x25519 ECDH key exchange, blake2s hashing, and ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD - in Scratch


just got a call from bell asking if I'm satisfied with my internet service

now sure, I decided to switch to bell for their 3gbps internet, because I can't help myself, but... it's not set up yet! my service does not exist!

@wxcafe you make too many good toots

you are my instance's follow recommendation because I can't stop favoriting them

That’s about the max I can do. I’ve still got a decent amount of control over the volume, but just look at how much louder it could go 😧

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so uh as it turns out, running IEMs off a decently powerful headphone amp is so easy it loops back around to being hard

brief update: whoops, that iptables rule broke stuff in a way I didn't expect or notice until after I did it

gonna need to figure out a better approach, there...

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also I still love how my site just automatically deploys itself, that's nice

push a new post to github, come back in a couple minutes and it's now live on the azure static site, without me needing to do anything

I also posted this to twitter mostly in the hopes it'll end up indexed by search engines, so people who are trying to do the same thing can maybe find it a little easier

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decided to write a post about some of the issues I ran into getting glitchsoc set up for this instance, you can go check it out if you're interested in doing that yourself (or just curious about what I did)

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