@maia and now I'm looking into ddos protection vendors and am very sad at how expensive they are

@maia yeah, there's nothing fun about a ddos... especially if you've got no idea why it happened in the first place 🙃

being able to issue requests to the server manually without having to futz about with curl or make a UI yourself is really nice

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so, fastapi's automatic docs feature is *amazing*

not even necessarily for the docs themselves, but for this

just streamed nearly 2 hours of python programming

I didn't get *that* much done, but a lot of that's because I'm still figuring out how to work with this framework and stuff...

honestly I didn't mind that, might do it again while I work on this project

A-ha, it’s been found, and now I know why I had no idea what it was

(This kickstarter was a while ago, and I completely forgot that they sent out emails saying they were getting ready to ship the CDs and asking for updated addresses)

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I have no idea what this package is. I can’t think of *anything* I ordered or might be waiting for to begin with, but the few details I have (well, one: it came from Austin, Texas) just make me more confused.

And now it’s been delivered, but still doesn’t seem to exist!!!

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The mystery continues… it was delivered to my building’s concierge this morning. They have no record or recollection of having received it.

It shows up in Canada Post’s automatic tracking, it should have my name and unit on it… but then the concierge would have known about it.

What the heck

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@directhex @mcc I will just note that it's hard to get the magic mouse mat in Canada; I think I had to import mine from amazon dot com because it's technically illegal to sell here for some reason. you can import it fine, but it's gonna be more expensive (marginally) and more annoying (marginally) than if they were allowed to actually sell it here

@AmyZenunim certain parts of the city are just unbelievably opulent, but the bridle path is probably the worst

@lethalbit Win32 APIs are just absurdly verbose and I don't know how anyone could actually want to use them

I primarily use Windows as my OS but if I'm developing anything it's probably not targeting Windows... worst case it can run in WSL, y'know

@rabbit yeah

also got eye drops, which help a lot when it's bad, and bilastine

bilastine is the only antihistamine that's ever proved very effective for me here, and I am so glad I went and saw an allergist who prescribed it... though also, my allergies haven't been as bad the past couple years, probably because I live somewhat in the sky now :p

@rabbit I think I probably picked up my allergy meds at the right time... one of them is a steroid spray to help stop my sinuses from closing up thanks to grass pollen, and it needs to be started *before* allergy season, and it feels like I've probably got just about enough time before the grass decides to try to murder me again

(also, this is the first time in a while I haven't bought the CDs from them directly... saved me probably $30 but honestly I really like getting CDs from Diverse Direct, I should have just bought them ;~;)

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bought the new Diverse System releases from bandcamp, and works.12 is some of the best music I've ever had to just play in the background

they set out with a specific goal for this release and they sure did a good job of it

@tootapp if I try to open a video/gif in the app while logged in to my instance, I get a "failed to load audio" error saying that the server isn't correctly configured; any idea what configuration I might be missing? I've tried to figure out what the issue here could be but the error doesn't give me much to work with

@Eramdam I've only got minimal experience with trackballs but they somehow seem very intuitive to me? like, the one I have used I don't think I ever needed to *learn* to use

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