went across the street from the salon to take this selfie, had to make sure I got my “enjoy cybercrime” hoodie in the shot, took exactly one photo and called it a day

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@Eramdam …though Depeche Mode might be a bigger band than ones I usually buy tickets to, so that may be a less good option than I was thinking

@rabbit all the cool kids post in unlisted, though :p

@rabbit can always check out the federated feed… you might find some people on my instance (probably not), or other instances that you federate with

@rabbit I follow almost exclusively people I know from the bird site and/or the blue shell discord… hard to come up with recommendations other than “follow your friends” :p

@amber when discord launched forum channels, I couldn't be excited, I could only be concerned about how much more documentation and troubleshooting is going to end up in the unarchivable black hole that is Discord

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@wxcafe I work 4 nine hour shifts, so even though officially we get an hour lunch we've been told to put down 9 hours each day... probably because otherwise, this doesn't technically count as full time lol

@wxcafe I'm salaried, and my team does not do overtime, so there's literally no reason for me to... and HR agrees, though not for quite the same reasons

@wxcafe I haven't submitted a timesheet in months and nobody's cared, guess it's time to find out if that applies to you too

how much caffeine will I need to get through the day and why is it simultaneously “none” and “infinite”

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nope, didn't even try, now it's too late

instead of sleep I was... discussing... the twitch API changes on their forum (I am not a fan, and I've just been learning more reasons to be not a fan)

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