so, fastapi's automatic docs feature is *amazing*

not even necessarily for the docs themselves, but for this

A-ha, it’s been found, and now I know why I had no idea what it was

(This kickstarter was a while ago, and I completely forgot that they sent out emails saying they were getting ready to ship the CDs and asking for updated addresses)

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I find the label on these prescription eyedrops absolutely hilarious

Tried to actually style my hair today and it seems to have accidentally become asymmetrical

At least it does a good job showing all my piercings (including the one you can’t see in this picture)

@wxcafe you make too many good toots

you are my instance's follow recommendation because I can't stop favoriting them

so uh as it turns out, running IEMs off a decently powerful headphone amp is so easy it loops back around to being hard

Gee thanks UPS

There was no attempt to even contact me or anything either…

(screenshot of that toot for anyone who can't see it interpreted as markdown)

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