It makes sense though, because I’m a little closer to the plane than I’m used to at Pearson

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My flight today is so far from security that the gate needs this sign directing people to it after all the normal gates

Virgo is gonna live on top of my desktop for now, because I have nowhere else to put her

Not exactly the sort of thing I would normally decorate with but it’s not like anyone’s ever here other than me

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Got myself some anime IEMs

And the acrylic figure thing I added onto the order not knowing what was

Ah yes, because a tried-and-true design that clearly invokes the ancient pyramids is the best choice for your “innovation campus”.

oculus/meta drama 

iT’s ThE sAmE

If the Facebook->Meta account transition changes nothing then why was the Oculus->Meta account transition a problem? All three give Facebook more insight into your activity, but only one of them has *extra* problems inherent to it

I don't have nearly good enough of a grasp on Japanese for this to be a good idea, but I've done it anyway

apparently the summer sale is a decent time to buy your steam deck, if you care about summer sale trading cards

It is apparently vitally important that everyone in downtown Toronto knows a storm is coming

so, fastapi's automatic docs feature is *amazing*

not even necessarily for the docs themselves, but for this

A-ha, it’s been found, and now I know why I had no idea what it was

(This kickstarter was a while ago, and I completely forgot that they sent out emails saying they were getting ready to ship the CDs and asking for updated addresses)

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I find the label on these prescription eyedrops absolutely hilarious

Tried to actually style my hair today and it seems to have accidentally become asymmetrical

At least it does a good job showing all my piercings (including the one you can’t see in this picture)

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