testing IEMs is difficult, actually, when you don't have anything with a 3.5mm jack on it

my amp has a 1/4" jack and an XLR4 jack, and my phone is an iphone, and the DAC I ordered for it is still somewhere between Singapore and Canada according to Canada Post

I'm gonna need to log into Plex on my steam deck, I think


trying the anime IEMs out now, using my steam deck as a glorified MP3 player, and... I have listened to 50 seconds of one song and I'm already incredibly impressed with them

probably not the best sounding IEMs I have? but for $50 IEMs they're quite good, and the subwoofer in them definitely does its job pretty well

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very mid-forward to my ears, with good bass and decent (but not *great*, imo) highs

they'll do well for what I want them for, at least

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