posted this local-only and mentioned the one person I know actually uses their account here, but just in case anyone's curious if I disappear for a bit: changing DNS providers (switching to fastmail instead of self-hosted, specifically), had to disable DNSSEC, DNS may get a bit wonky for for a bit

I hope it *doesn't* but it *could*

luckily I do not need to send emails very regularly, nor do I expect to need to in the near future, so the current issue where fastmail recognizes my nameservers have changed but *doesn't* recognize my SPF records have changed shouldn't impact much

but, uh, perhaps I shouldn't have done this on a whim like this

I blame caffeine

Looks like everything transferred without a hitch, phew 😅

Now I’m just wondering where the very angry email I’m expecting from mailinabox complaining that I ruined everything for it will end up

the answer: both places! mailinabox delivered 86kb of "everything used to be fine but now it's not" to my mailbox on my old server *and* to my new mailbox


and further cementing my decision to move away from mailinabox, the very first thing it told me was nc: getaddrinfo for host "" port 25: Temporary failure in name resolution and then complaining that port 25 is blocked when it's just some stupid issue with dns resolution

I've had a lot of these random intermittent issues that don't make any sense (and plus, my fastmail account is about half the cost)

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