huh, when I fly to Indy for CircleCityCon I'll be on the smallest airplane that Air Canada operates, I think (CRJ200)

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they operate Q400s too, which are turboprops, you'd think they'd be smaller? but nope, it looks like the CRJ is smaller physically (over 5m shorter) and capacity wise (only 50 passengers)

I got curious what aircraft it would be because I decided to reserve my seats and I picked the very front window seat... and then wondered why those weren't business class or something ("premium" still, because exit row, but a cheap premium over regular seat selection)

@demize I flew on one earlier this week. Small, but not scary so. It’s a Learjet basically

@rabbit yeah, the pictures on air canada’s website just give me business jet vibes

Honestly makes a lot of sense for the route, too, it’s not going to be that popular of a route… so why not use a smaller jet?

@rabbit I do wish they used their Q400s though, then they could fly the route out of the island, and I could just walk there :p

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