Tried to actually style my hair today and it seems to have accidentally become asymmetrical

At least it does a good job showing all my piercings (including the one you can’t see in this picture)


if I look exhausted in this picture it's because I spent the majority of the time between 11:30 and 1:30 walking around and I had barely had anything to drink before I left

so in other words, it's because I *am* exhausted :p

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Today was also a bit of an expensive day; most of the walking was because I went to Tom’s Place in Kensington to get a new suit

It’s with the tailor now, gonna be a couple weeks, but it’s a nice sort-of-dark blue suit, light check on it… and while Tom’s Place is definitely more affordable than most suit stores, it ain’t cheap lol

But I do not have a suit that fits anymore, and having one is not a bad idea right now, and plus… if I can figure out how to style my hair well, I’m gonna look real good in this suit 😄

Will probably get my father to take a good picture of me in it next time I see him, use it as a LinkedIn photo and stuff

@demize Suits of the typical male business variety cause me great anxiety. I wish there were better options.

@rabbit I’ve always sort of liked them, honestly

I think I can attribute it to high school band, where we had to wear our “black and whites” for performances, which was the first reason I ever had to wear one (and was always a good excuse to wear something nicer than my usual pants and tshirt)

@rabbit but yeah, they’re not without their issues, and I can 100% understand them inducing anxiety

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