so, today's weird thing: Canada Post has this "automatic tracking" feature now, where you can validate your identity/address and the app will let you know when you have packages coming

it just notified me to two packages from the US being shipped. I can't remember having ordered anything, let alone two anythings, and there's currently no information on Canada Post or USPS's side saying who it's from, nor any emails saying something shipped to me

what a fun mystery

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starting to think this mystery will never be solved... neither mystery package has made its way to USPS yet

at some point yesterday I got another mystery tracking number, but this one actually has some history

still no idea who it's from or what it is, but apparently it's coming from texas, and is being handled by globalpost (who says it's only going to itasca, illinois, where it currently is)

The mystery continues… it was delivered to my building’s concierge this morning. They have no record or recollection of having received it.

It shows up in Canada Post’s automatic tracking, it should have my name and unit on it… but then the concierge would have known about it.

What the heck

I have no idea what this package is. I can’t think of *anything* I ordered or might be waiting for to begin with, but the few details I have (well, one: it came from Austin, Texas) just make me more confused.

And now it’s been delivered, but still doesn’t seem to exist!!!

A-ha, it’s been found, and now I know why I had no idea what it was

(This kickstarter was a while ago, and I completely forgot that they sent out emails saying they were getting ready to ship the CDs and asking for updated addresses)

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