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A couple useful points:

  • My avatar is a skeb commission from fumibeing on Twitter
  • I run this glitchsoc instance. It's practically invite-only, but I'm happy to give you an invite (or approve your signup) if I know you.
  • I'm open to DMs/emails/etc (my email is the same as my handle here) if you've got any questions or concerns you want to address privately.
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heh, is trending for the second time since I set up this instance, may as well contribute

hi! I'm demize! my name should basically always be lowercase.
I run the instance (and am happy to invite you if I know you)!
I stream Mario Maker on Twitch (when I'm feeling up to it, brain is often bad)! I also wrote a bot to handle links in chat, since nothing else does it well.
I do infosec stuff, SOC/IR work, as my day job (with a weird schedule).

nice to meet y'all!

just streamed nearly 2 hours of python programming

I didn't get *that* much done, but a lot of that's because I'm still figuring out how to work with this framework and stuff...

honestly I didn't mind that, might do it again while I work on this project

A-ha, it’s been found, and now I know why I had no idea what it was

(This kickstarter was a while ago, and I completely forgot that they sent out emails saying they were getting ready to ship the CDs and asking for updated addresses)

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I have no idea what this package is. I can’t think of *anything* I ordered or might be waiting for to begin with, but the few details I have (well, one: it came from Austin, Texas) just make me more confused.

And now it’s been delivered, but still doesn’t seem to exist!!!

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The mystery continues… it was delivered to my building’s concierge this morning. They have no record or recollection of having received it.

It shows up in Canada Post’s automatic tracking, it should have my name and unit on it… but then the concierge would have known about it.

What the heck

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(also, this is the first time in a while I haven't bought the CDs from them directly... saved me probably $30 but honestly I really like getting CDs from Diverse Direct, I should have just bought them ;~;)

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bought the new Diverse System releases from bandcamp, and works.12 is some of the best music I've ever had to just play in the background

they set out with a specific goal for this release and they sure did a good job of it

@tootapp if I try to open a video/gif in the app while logged in to my instance, I get a "failed to load audio" error saying that the server isn't correctly configured; any idea what configuration I might be missing? I've tried to figure out what the issue here could be but the error doesn't give me much to work with

as far as I know, there is no will within my org to force people to use Edge

our laptops are provisioned with Chrome on them by default

and yet, every time I open Edge, on my old laptop or my new laptop, my default browser gets set back to Edge

what the hell

it's a 1:33 long flight, and I've heard recent stories of 3+ hour waits on the tarmac before the plane gets a gate

if things don't get better at pearson it's entirely possible that it'll take three times as long to get from landing to leaving the airport as from taking off to landing

and this is honestly what's giving me the most anxiety about travelling right now

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here's hoping that I don't spend more time on the apron at YYZ after my flight back than the entire length of the flight though

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flight booked a while ago, time off work booked today, pre-flight covid test booked last night... it's still a month and a half away but it sure feels like CircleCityCon is right around the corner

at some point yesterday I got another mystery tracking number, but this one actually has some history

still no idea who it's from or what it is, but apparently it's coming from texas, and is being handled by globalpost (who says it's only going to itasca, illinois, where it currently is)

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I got curious what aircraft it would be because I decided to reserve my seats and I picked the very front window seat... and then wondered why those weren't business class or something ("premium" still, because exit row, but a cheap premium over regular seat selection)

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they operate Q400s too, which are turboprops, you'd think they'd be smaller? but nope, it looks like the CRJ is smaller physically (over 5m shorter) and capacity wise (only 50 passengers)

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huh, when I fly to Indy for CircleCityCon I'll be on the smallest airplane that Air Canada operates, I think (CRJ200)

I find the label on these prescription eyedrops absolutely hilarious

starting to think this mystery will never be solved... neither mystery package has made its way to USPS yet

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Will probably get my father to take a good picture of me in it next time I see him, use it as a LinkedIn photo and stuff

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But I do not have a suit that fits anymore, and having one is not a bad idea right now, and plus… if I can figure out how to style my hair well, I’m gonna look real good in this suit 😄

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